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About Mark Murphy

Hi and welcome to my website! I’m Mark, I study marketing and I’m totally crazy about online business. In fact, I’ve been interested in it virtually since always and now, when I’ve learned enough to try my ideas in the real world, I’d like to share them with you as well. What can you find on this website?

My ideas

Frankly speaking, I consider myself very creative. Number of ideas go through my head every day. Of course plenty of them don’t get remembered or are simply stupid and useless, but there are at least a few that are considerably interesting and worth sharing.

If you want to find out what is going on in my head, why don’t you read the website? I’m pretty sure that people associated with online marketing will find many of ideas familiar and some of them can be truly beneficial for people from the business.

My background

I’ve been searching for a way to establish a business since I was a young kid. Eventually I’ve been involved in at least some creative, interesting projects and start-ups, thus now I have some knowledge and experience I would like to share with you.

Due to my studies topic, I introduce here some interesting ideas associated with online business, so if you’re looking for some extraordinary concepts, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with my posts.

My future

I seem to be pretty confident, don’t I? In fact, that’s exactly the case. I’m not telling that I will definitely achieve unachievable, but I think about my future every day and want to apply my ideas as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to find out if they’re really worth it.

Hence, if you’re looking for sources, knowledge or motivation in terms of online business, you can be sure that we have something in common. I’m glad that you visit the website and I wish you success in your endeavours.

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